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The Epson L385 is a wireless multifunction printer with exceptional print quality and consistency. Epson L385 resetter: You can reset the red light blinking problem. When this Epson inkjet printer is used frequently for an extended period of time, it frequently experiences the “Waste Ink Pad error.” The printer’s ink pad is nearing the end of its useful life, according to the message, and several red lights begin to blink. Printing stops on the printer.

This problem causes the printer to stop printing, flicker many red lights, and display the message “The printer’s ink pad is at the end of its service life.” The majority of people believe that their Epson L385 printer requires urgent hardware repair, but there is actually a fairly easy fix for this issue.epson l385 resetter

You need to use a program called the Epson L385 adjustment program to fix the ink pad problem in your Epson L385. To get the Epson L385 printer back to normal operation, use this program to reset it to its factory settings. We have included a 100% free download link for the Epson L385 resetter program below for your convenience. Many more printer-related problems can be fixed with this Epson L385 reset tool. In addition to offering a download link for the Epson L385 reset software, we have included instructions on how to use it to fix the waste ink pad problem.

Epson L385 Adjustment Program Download: 100% Free

This page contains the most recent official version of the Epson L385 reset software that Epson has provided. As a result, using the Epson L385 reset tool that you may download from this page is entirely secure. Our Epson L385 Adjusted Utility Download link provides a one-click download to save you time.

Why Does the Epson L385 Waste Ink Pad Error Occur?

Waste pads are big foam sponges used in Epson inkjet printers that are used to absorb extra ink that is ejected during printing. In order to prevent dried ink from clogging the minuscule holes in the print head, extra ink is absorbed. When the L385 prints the number of pages that Epson has specified as its limit, the waste ink pad error happens. Despite the fact that the error indicates that the ink pads are full, they are not and therefore do not require replacement. Once you’ve reset your printer’s waste ink pads, you may simply fix this problem by following the steps listed below.

Steps to Reset Waste Ink Pad Counter Using Epson L385 Resetter Program

Before following the steps given below, you should extract the files of the Epson L385 adjustment software you downloaded above into a folder. Please execute the steps given below in their exact order.

  1. Download the Epson L385 resetter zip file from the above-given download link.
  2. Disable your antivirus.
  3. Unzip the downloaded file to the same location.
  4. Inside the Epson L385 resetter folder, run the ‘adjpro.exe
  5. After that, it will show a black window with a registration code. Just click OK from there.
    click on OK
  6. On this screen, click the ‘Select’ button.Select model
  7. In the list of ‘Model Name’, select ‘L385’. Let the ‘Port’ be ‘Auto selection’ and select ‘OK’.Model selection
  8. Click on the ‘Particular adjustment mode’ button.Adjustment mode
  9. Go to the ‘Maintenance’ section in the list and choose ‘Waste ink pad counter’. Next,  click on ‘OK’.waste ink pad
  10. Select the ‘Main pad counter’ checkbox and click the ‘Check’ button.check pad counter
  11. Now you will be able to see the score of your ink pad counter in percentages and points. Whatever the score is, we have to make it zero so that your printer can start printing normally.counter values
  12. One more time, select the ‘Main pad counter’ checkbox. Now, click on ‘Initialize’.counter initialization
  13. You will be shown a message to confirm the start of the initialization process. Click on ‘OK’.initialization confirm
  14. Now you will be asked to turn off your printer. So, turn off your Epson L385 printer and click on ‘OK’switch off printer
  15. In this pop-up message, you will be informed that waste ink pad counters have been initialized properly, so you should turn on your printer and recheck the ink pad counter values. Now, restart your Epson L385 printer and click on ‘OK’.check values
  16. Now you must follow steps 6 and 7 again. If the ink pad counter values are zero, then click ‘Finish’ and close the application. Otherwise, follow steps 8, 9, 10, and 11 again.If all the steps mentioned above have been properly executed by you, then your Epson L385 printer should be printing pages normally.

Download Free Resetter 100% Free 

Click Here

Epson L385 Resetter-free Download

So now you can download the  resetter from below link but that tools are in zip files so your system should have winrar to open this file If Winrar is not available on your computer, you can’t open the file then you have to install winrar after downloading it on your computer


online support

   Download Winrar

For owners of the Epson L385 all-in-one inkjet printer, the Epson L385 adjustment program is a necessity. Several problems that could arise when using this Epson inkjet printer can be fixed with the Epson L385 reset tool. Furthermore, since it’s software, you may simply fix those problems even if you know very little or nothing about the hardware of the Epson L385.

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